• What is the most important thing you learned today?

    I have to be physically present in Singapore! Seriously?
    I can actually apply for 88,800 shares! Huat ah!
    I can apply for placement tranche with different brokers! Heng ah!
    I can end up in jail if i apply for the public tranche twice... no joke man!

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  • Are you subscribing to APAC Realty IPO?

    Yes - The property market has bottomed out!
    Maybe - but Fintechs will eat this company alive...
    No way ! Govt is coming up with new cooling measures!

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  • Are you subscribing for Cromwell Europe REIT ?

    No way! The Sponsor is cashing out & dumping lousy assets on us
    Maybe - The yield is decent but why is the Sponsor's stake so low??
    Yes! I am bullish on Europe and the yield is attractive

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  • What should i do with my Prudential ILP ?

    Terminate the ILP and reinvest the surrender value of $30k !
    Keep it till death since the death benefit is much higher at $75k !
    Keep the ILP but remove the insurance coverage for better returns ...
    In addition to Option 3... switch back to the better performing SG Managed Fund

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  • Will you accept the offer from Blackstone at $1.17? 

    Yes, this is as good as it gets!
    No way, the yield is too attractive to give up without a fight!
    Maybe... I am confused... not sure whether Blackstone or IFA is right

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  • Are you going to subscribe to Aspen's IPO?

    Yes! Penang is a growth area!
    Maybe.... I love to hang around IKEA
    Even though Penang Laksa is nice... but NO thanks...

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  • Will you subscribe for Union Gas?

    Yes! We have been using Union Gas for 20 years. They can be trusted
    Maybe. The IPO tranche is way too small
    No way! I drive a CNG vehicle and there is only one pump station!

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  • Are you going to subscribe for Netlink Trust ?

    Yes, it is a no brainer! Everyone needs broadband!
    Maybe... wanted to but Mr. IPO gives only 1 Chilli...
    No way! There are better yielding stuff..

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