• Are you subscribing for PropNex IPO?

    Yes - I love to buy properties in Singapore
    No - I rather buy APAC Realty
    Maybe - they only give me 3 days to decide? terrible

    145 Total

  • Are you going to subscribe to Astrea IV PE Bonds?

    Of course!! The 4.35% is so attractive!!
    No way!! This asset class requires higher returns
    Maybe . . . until i figure out what the non-financial objective is . . .

    398 Total

  • Are you applying for the Jawala Inc IPO?

    Of course! You can touch and feel the wood!
    No Way! This is so environmental unfriendly!
    Maybe - Let me figure out the value of the woody assets first

    64 Total

  • Are you going to apply for Hyphens IPO?

    Of course! I love their health supplements!
    Maybe, I don't really like names starting with hyphens...
    No way! the recent election results will affect their Malaysian operations

    343 Total

  • Are you subscribing to SLB Development IPO?

    Yes of course! The discount to RNAV is attractive enough
    No Way, the earnings are too lumpy
    Don't know, the trade war is coming...

    247 Total

  • What do you think will be the IPO opening price?

    Less than 30 cents
    31 to 35 cents
    More than 36 cents
    None of my business

    127 Total

  • Will you apply for Sasseur REIT?

    Huh? Not when I can't even pronounce their name properly
    Of course! Where to find 7.5% yield in current market?
    Maybe, I need to check out their outlet mall first

    310 Total

  • Are you going to subscribe to ayondo

    Of course! I am a top trader on their platform!
    No way, i have no idea how to trade cypto currencies!
    Maybe, i am still googling what fintech means...

    268 Total

  • If there is a public tranche, would you have applied for Memories Group?

    Yes! Tourism in Myanmar has immense potential
    Maybe - I am not sure whether the implied valuation will give me fond memories...
    No way - I am boycotting Myanmar

    32 Total

  • Would you have subscribed to Clearbridge if there is a public tranche? 

    No way... i don't know how to value it.
    Maybe but let me take my holidays first

    86 Total

  • Are you subscribing for Cromwell European REIT

    Yes - 7.8% is very attractive!
    No - I am bearish on Euros and Eurozone!
    Maybe - I am not sure if CREIT deserves a second chance!

    272 Total

  • Are you going to eat the white pepper crabs?

    Yes - I love their white pepper crabs!
    Maybe - I just realised i have been buying the wrong crabs from Geylang!
    No Way ! It is such a crab business!

    287 Total

  • Are you subscribing for MindChamps IPO?

    Yes! It is a natural hedge for my kids / grandchildren!
    Maybe. The cornerstone investors helped allay some concerns
    No way! This IPO is way over-valued. The founders are laughing to the bank.

    343 Total

  • Are you going to subscribe for RE&S

    Yes, i love Ichiban sushi!
    Maybe, I will follow Heliconia
    No Way! The founders are too greedy!

    317 Total

  • Are you subscribing for Keppel KBS US REIT ?

    Yes - the yield is attractive enough!
    Maybe - I cannot stand Trump!
    No - I don't like the USD exposure...

    507 Total