• Are you going to subscribe to Lendlease Global Commercial?

    Yes of course. 5.8% is a steal!
    Maybe - i am over exposed to REITs . . .
    No Way! I don't like to shop at 313 Somerset

    402 Total

  • Will you subscribe for Prime US REIT?

    Yes - the yield is very attractive!
    Maybe - I am not so keen on USD exposure
    No - I prefer KBS dramas . . .

    211 Total

  • Are you going to apply for Astrea V Class A-1 Bonds?

    Yes - Apply less than $50k (I am FOMO, cannot take chance)
    Yes - Apply $50,000 or more. (Wear red undie at the ATM sure get!)
    No - Seriously? 3.85% is a TOOOT too low!
    Maybe - I pray Garmen will intervene (they can solve all my problems)

    245 Total

  • If i can decide, this is how i will allocate the IPO tranche...

    Favor the "poor"! The rich don't deserve any allocation.
    Everyone gets something! Same as Astrea IV
    Balloting is the fairest. When the lucky stars shines on you, you deserve it!
    I hope the government will step in to allocate!

    236 Total

  • Given Astrea V is going to be very "hot", how would you like the shares allocated?  

    Favor the "poor". The rich gets zero!
    Same as Astrea IV, everyone gets something!
    Balloting is the fairest! DonThe lucky ones deserved to get more!

    0 Total

  • Will you subscribe to Eagle Hospitality Trust

    Not again . . . are they dumping assets here?
    Maybe, i don't what Trump is up to
    Yes of course. The 8.2% yield is no brainer . . .

    90 Total

  • Will you subscribe to ARA US Hospitality Trust?

    Yes! The 8% yield is attractive. Huat ah! :@)
    Maybe. I don't really like USD exposure :@$
    No way! I am bearish on US economy :@(

    276 Total

  • Will you subscribe for the SIA 3.03% retail bond?

    Yes! I am a loyal SQ customer
    No way! The 3.03% is way too pathetic
    Maybe... i need to think very hard

    122 Total

  • If there is only one outcome for Hyflux, what would be your wish list? 

    Vote for the scheme and get whatever scraps remains
    Vote against the scheme to force a better deal
    Vote against the scheme to bring Hyflux to its grave
    Write off your investment and bring Olivia to justice

    420 Total

  • Will you subscribe to GVT Venture Technology IPO?

    Yes of course. This is the first IPO, sure Huat!
    Maybe. I really like Ricky !
    No way, i don't want to be Semi-Conned

    78 Total

  • Will you subscribe to MeGroup?

    Of course! I am bullish on the car industry in Malaysia
    Maybe. I am waiting for Mahathir's tweets before deciding
    No way! The IPO sentiments is horrible

    89 Total

  • Will you subscribe for Temasek 2023 bond?

    Yes! I love the 2.7% risk-free rate
    No Way! The 2.7% is so low compared to their annual returns!
    Maybe! I need to find out how to use the CPF to apply

    144 Total

  • Are you going to subscribe for Nikko AM SGD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF?

    Yes! It has better yield than SSB
    Maybe. I need more due diligence on Nikko
    No way! I am better off buying Astrea IV bonds

    52 Total

  • Are you subscribing for Synagie?

    No way! I am shorting it instead
    Maybe. I don't know how e-commerce works...
    Yes! I like the Synagie "owl" logo

    195 Total

  • Will you be subscribing for Koufu IPO?

    Definitely! Their food courts are great!
    Maybe, i am not sure of their growth angle
    No way! I don't how they ownself dividend to ownself

    377 Total