• Should Reporters Be Banned From Press Events

    Yes if they are anti Trump
    See what the constitution says about free press

    71 Total

  • $12B For Farms

    Obummer And The Demoncrats Did Worse

    56 Total

  • Should Security Clearance Be Revoked

    No previous experience is invaluable
    Three may keep a secret if two are dead

    85 Total

  • Library Fines To Disappear

    I never paid them anyway
    I always returned on time
    I kept books that were late
    I only use the library for naps

    56 Total

  • Should Translator Testify For Congress

    Absolutely not
    должен показать переводчик

    74 Total

  • Do You Think Russia Interfered In Election

    I do not think they did not not interfere
    I do not think they would not not interfere
    I do not think they could not or would not not interfere

    70 Total

  • Do You Believe President Trump Misspoke

    Yes and now he has corrected
    No he is doing CYA
    Woulda Coulda Shoulda

    97 Total

  • Do You Trust Putin

    If Trump Trusts Him I Do
    No If His Lips Are Moving He Is Lying
    If You Can't Trust An Ex KGB Agent Who Can You Trust

    90 Total

  • Do You Trust The FBI

    No They Are Part Of Deep State
    Yes Even With Biased Agents
    Does A Bear Redacted In The Woods

    97 Total

  • Should Strzok Get A Purple Heart Or Prison

    Purple Heart
    Purple Nurple

    124 Total

  • Have You Ever Dined And Dashed

    Once or More Than Once
    Yes And Then Was Elected To Council

    104 Total

  • Do NATO Countries Pay Fair Share

    No and we should pull out of those countries
    No but they are our allies and we should stay

    71 Total

  • Is Kavanaugh Right Choice

    Not at all
    If Left hates him he is a good choice

    102 Total

  • After 4 Years Of Trump Will You Vote For Hillary

    Yes again
    Yes for the first time

    201 Total

  • Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Serve In Military

    No they are a security risk
    Yes they want to serve the country
    They should be made to actually
    Only if they are legal immigrants

    77 Total