• On Which Of These Will You Vote Yes

    Children Services
    Mental Health and Recovery
    County Jail

    87 Total

  • Why Is Mike Pence In PerrysburgToday

    Fundraising for Jim Renacci
    Big savings at Costco
    Try his hand at the diverging diamond

    0 Total

  • The Omarosa Book Is

    Yet To Be Released
    Sure To Be A Bestseller
    A Work Of Fiction

    55 Total

  • What Should Space Force Motto Be

    From Earth To Uranus
    To Infinity And Beyond
    Starman Waiting In The Sky
    Going Where No Man Woman Or Transgender Has Gone Before

    35 Total

  • Who Can Spend Your Money More Wisely

    I Can
    Elected Officials Who Know Where Needs Are Greatest
    My Wife
    My Husband

    38 Total

  • 158 Total

  • Should Alex Jones Be Removed From Social Media

    No he is practicing free speech
    Yes his speech is hateful and divisive
    They are privately owned and can control content

    86 Total

  • Broadway Songs For Trump

    Oh What A Beautiful Morning
    A Wonderful Guy
    If I Were A Rich Man

    35 Total

  • Dream Boxing Match

    Trump vs Putin
    Trump vs Acosta
    Trump vs Sessions
    Trump vs Mueller

    22 Total

  • Dream Title Match

    Trump vs Putin
    Trump vs Acosta

    0 Total

  • Who Was Treated Worse

    Al Capone
    Paul Manafort
    Bernie Sanders In 2016 Election

    42 Total

  • President Trump Says He Is Not Presidential

    Agree and don't care
    Agree and want him gone
    Does Not Matter He Is Getting Things Done

    58 Total

  • Does Blade Apology Satisfy You

    Yes it was a mistake and they admitted it
    No it is a CYA move
    Only a Snickers could satisfy me at this point

    99 Total

  • How Do You Believe TPD Handled Friday Night

    Textbook policing
    I have serious problems with it
    Other cities can learn from TPD

    143 Total

  • Who Is Least Trustworthy

    Michael Cohen
    Robert Mueller
    Rod Rosenstein
    Donald Trump

    229 Total