Fred LeFebvre

  • Was Irma Reporting Blown Out Of Proportion

    Yes, the media made it bigger then it was
    No, millions of people and dollars are affected
    It was a Rush to judgement

    70 Total

  • Did You Marry Up?

    No, but my husband did
    Yes, that's what my wife says
    According to my mother in law

    58 Total

  • Is Raising The Debt Ceiling A Good Deal

    For McConnell and Ryan
    For Schumer and Pelosi

    39 Total

  • Is Raising The Debt Ceiling A Good Deal

    For Schumer and Pelosi yes
    For McConnell and Ryan no

    0 Total

  • Is The Customer Always Right

    Yes, even when they are terribly wrong
    No, and you should let them know that
    Only when I'm the customer

    51 Total

  • Is Kid Rock Opening The LCA A Middle Finger To Detroit

    Yes, he's a cultural appropriating, confederate flag waving, Colin Kaepernick hater
    No, he's done a ton for the people of Detroit
    I hope so

    60 Total

  • Candidate Waniewski Would Focus Speed Cameras In Residential Areas, You Agree?

    Yes, if it's about safety that makes more sense
    No, revenue would fall
    If you aren't speeding it doesn't matter where they are

    113 Total

  • Are You Ready For $1000 Smartphone?

    Yes, I love new tech
    No, I'll hold on to my current phone
    I'm not even ready for $8 beer

    41 Total

  • Should County Commissioners Go To D.C.

    Yes, at least one of them to make important connections
    No, they would learn nothing from this administration

    89 Total

  • Agree With Browns QB Decision?

    Yes, he'll do well right away and can handle the pressure
    No, he isn't ready and this could ruin his chances
    I haven't agreed with a Browns decision in years

    63 Total

  • Mayweather or McGregor This Saturday

    I have no interest

    59 Total

  • Do You Stand With Colin Kaepernick

    Yes, he should be a starting QB
    No, he is paying the price for disrespecting the flag
    Is he standing now?

    139 Total

  • Does local Dem party owe Iott an apology

    Yes, absolutely
    No, politics is dirty
    They owe all of Toledo an apology

    209 Total

  • What is the end game in Afghanistan

    A free and democratic form of government in which all are equal
    Access to their natural resources
    Destruction of Taliban and al-Queda
    Not nation building that I can tell you

    47 Total

  • Is it time to rename the Anthony Wayne Trail

    Yes, for his treatment of Native Americans
    Also Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Adams street

    102 Total