What do you think is the least inspiring, most outrageous quote in gaming?

The genocidal toaster rants 6

Anything Tina Tina has ever said 2

Suck the tears off my dick you ugly mud fuckers! 2

Passive-aggressive hate from GLaDOS 2

Cass explaining long dicks 2

Your face looks like my butt! 1

Red Dead Redemption's major downer 1

You have died of dysentery. Sorry about that. 1

Max Payne musing about luck hookers 1

Barret berating Cloud for not being angry enough 1

Fall-From-Grace's gentle reminder about how clothes work 1

Pierce's revelation about his past with naked men 0

The Boss' sweet moves on Kinzie 0

Setzer's optimistic nihilism 0

The King Of All Cosmos berating the Prince 0