Which statement best describes your feelings on comic book prices?

The price of single issues are too high, and $10 for a quadruple-sized one is also too high. The prices are too damn high! 243

Regular issue prices are too high, but an oversized issue with more pages per dollar is a good bargain. 118

It depends on how good the comic is. 43

I don't mind paying $4 for a regular comic, but $10 for an in-series comic of any size is too much. 26

Regular prices are okay, and an oversized issue is icing on the cake. Mmm. Cake. 22

The prices are high but not as high as I am, maaaan. 13

The prices are too high, but I don't mind with Marvel because some of the money may end up going to Trump via Ike Perlmutter. 9