• Round 2-Favorite Christmas Movie

    Bad Santa
    The Santa Clause
    Die Hard

    57 Total

  • Fave Christmas Movie Round One

    Christmas Vacation
    Home Alone
    Christmas Story

    71 Total

  • Which Is More Truthful

    The IG Report
    The Articles Of Impeachment
    The Cat In The Hat

    65 Total

  • How Many Articles Of Impeachment Should Be Handed Down Today

    Two Obstruction and Abuse Of Power
    None There Was No High Crime Or Misdemeanor
    It Does Not Matter The Senate Will Not Vote To Convict

    85 Total

  • Should LSU Be Ranked Ahead Of The Buckeyes

    No the Buckeyes play a tougher schedule
    Yes the SEC is a tougher conference
    It is okay it will just make the Buckeyes play harder

    69 Total

  • Could You Beat Joe Biden At Push Ups

    Depends On Who Is Beneath Me

    50 Total

  • Key Takeaway From Impeachment Hearings

    Trump has broken the law
    President Trump has broken no laws
    These guys do not know what the hell they are doing

    63 Total

  • What Is The House Intelligence Committee

    The body which just released the Ukraine report
    The body led by Adam Schiff
    There is no such thing as intelligence in the House

    59 Total

  • Does Toledo Need A Hyperloop

    Yes It Is The Future Of Transportation
    No It Is Another Boondoggle
    Will There Be Potholes

    57 Total

  • Time To Fire Harbaugh

    As An Ohio State Fan No
    As A Wolverine Fan No
    As A Wolverine Fan Yes

    94 Total

  • Which Team Will Be The Victors 

    The Ohio State University

    85 Total

  • Are Your Christmas Lights Hung

    Not until after Thanksgiving
    Yes I leave them up all year
    I will hang them this weekend
    They are not but I am hung over

    30 Total

  • Were You In The Loop

    We Were All In The Loop
    I Was Left Out Of The Loop

    47 Total

  • The AMA Wants A Total Vaping Ban Should That Happen

    No Adults Can Make Their Own Choices On Vaping
    Rules Should Be No Different Than Cigarettes
    Yes If It Saves Just One LIfe

    48 Total

  • Are Israeli Settlements In West Bank Illegal

    Not According To President Trump
    Yes According To The UN And The EU
    Ask Kanye

    43 Total