What feature would you like to see implemented on Lichess.org THE MOST?

Endgame Training - A page as an addition to the training features that lets you pick from endgame patterns and play the machine, thus exercising your endgame thinking. 1020

Shared Analysis - An analysis board may be useful but there is no way to share your efforts in real-time when you would like to use a board to coach or analyze a line with other players. Shared analysis boards will change that, providing endless possibilities such as using a shared board editor to play "chess variants" by tracking house rules, or hosting lessons. 583

Tournament Rating Barrier - Currently, as you create a tournament, anyone can join. Some users are put off by this mechanism because "tournament sharks" (strong players who lurk in tournaments) can take them down easily making it difficult to stand a chance. Having an optional arena restriction by player ratings, like < 1800, gives everyone a chance to fight for the podium, with a playing field at the same / similar level. 521

HTTPS Support - Many sites on the web supports HTTPS, and the name itself implies security. Having HTTPS support for Lichess would mean all connections can be encrypted and secure, so no one can eavesdrop on your pages even on public computers. 314

Private Chat - Like other social services, there are many things to do with friends on Lichess, but the existing messaging system is bulky. Implementing a direct messaging system will allow chatting in real-time with friends or your group. 261

User Blogging - A section of the site that lets users submit content about playing chess, open for the public to read and share. 220

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