Map Of The Year:

"Mugen Pasu Tawa (Tower of endless paths)" by Fujita Seiko 5

"67-3 grid" by Yoke300 3

"Tiles used from "patfelix - Leapfrog Forest free tileset"" by Fujita Seiko 3

"Faulty Architecture" by harryabelsmith 2

"69-1 meteor shower" by Yoke300 1

"The Colosseum" by Fury 1

"So the Wall of Your House Are Bleeding" by lifdoff 1

"64-4 Pacman will kill YOU! [Edit]" by Yoke300 1

"Relic Hunter 7-4 Kilimanjaro [RHC7]" by Blizz 1

"Tiles used from "Thunder - 5548 please use tileset"" by Fujita Seiko 1

"Cluctch" by Mapper5290 0

"SIMPLE DDA [FIX]" by Waterfall 0

"Looks like demons possesed my map" by Mapper5290 0

"Untitled [S5W1]" by Yoke300 0

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