Which episode should we air on WORT?

50: Kaleem Caire, Creating a Charter School that Closes the Achievement Gap 2

1: Andy Francis, How Punk Rock Saved his Life 2

48: Mayor Dave, Leading Madison for Eight Years 1

42: David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Journalist 1

40: Alex and Noel Miranda: Making a Film During a Pandemic 1

39: Chris Borland, Leaving the NFL to Pursue Nueroscience 1

33: Dr. Gloria Ladson Billings, Uncovering Educational Disparities 1

32: Francesca Hong, Bringing Restaurant Experience to the Legislature 1

31: Rudy Bankston, Overcoming 20 Years in Prison for a Wrongful Conviction 1

30: Brandi Grayson, Leading the Local Fight For Racial Justice 1

29: Jael Currie, Eradicating Homelessness In Madison 1

2: Anu Ebbe, How she became A Blue Ribbon Winning Principal 1

46: An Hour of Neuroscience with Dr. Richard Davidson and Dr. Cortland Dahl 0

44: Michele Mackey, Bettering Children's Lives 0

43: Dr. Baron Kelly, Bringing Worldwide Theatre Knowledge to the UW 0

38: Matt D'Amour, Creating Change with Nutbutters 0

35: Michael Jones, Stepping into the role of President of the Madison Teachers Union 0

34: Gloria Reyes, Detective to Deputy Mayor to School Board 0

27: Ian Gurfield, Building the Madison Masterpiece Ian's Pizza 0

26: Pete Souza, Documenting the Presidency, Photo by Photo 0

25: Barry Levenson, From Supreme Court Cases to the National Mustard Museum 0

22: Ken Lonnquist, From Amateur Songwriting to Madison Musical Fame 0

16: Rev. Dr. Alex Gee, How he is Bringing Awareness to the Huge Race Issue in Madison 0

14: Michael Velliquette, How he became Nationally Recognized for his Art 0

12: Odessa Piper, How she Founded One of the Top Fifty Restaurants in America 0

11: Peter and Lou Berryman, How Music, Humor and Politics Intertwine to Create a Nationwide known Folk Duo 0

8: Bill Baldon, How he is on a Mission to fix the School to Prison Pipeline 0

5: Carlos Alvarado, How he Worked his way up from Dishwasher to Fighting Housing Inequities 0

4: Ceci Ford, How World Travel and Puppets Landed her in Madison 0

3: Shabnam Lotfi, How she has class action suit against Trump 0

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