What are you favourite tracks from Echoes of Eight, our Octopath Traveler Album ? MULTIPLE ANSWERS [PART 2/2]

Ending Theme [OstilMusic, AnimeVivi, Chromatic Apparatus, GameroftheWinds, donut, Harpsibored, Cecil, Zeldarocks] 15

Therion, the Thief [Capt'n Shred, Chromatic Apparatus, HappyFunTimeGameBand] 13

The Riverlands [moonbike, Torby Brand, Chromatic Apparatus] 11

A Settlement in the Red Bluffs [Reynaldo Soza-Sandoval, Arsen Nalbandian, Cole Daniel] 11

H’aanit, the Hunter [soundyg, KestrelGirl, Dewey Newt, HappyFunTimeGameBand, Jisunh003, Chromatic Apparatus] 11

The Gate of Finis [Jorito, Bobbie Jane Desforges, Chromatic Apparatus] 11

The Cliftlands [StyrofoamShotgun, ZeldaRocks] 10

They Who Govern Reason [Soranohato & Friends] 9

Battle at Journey's End [Torby Brand, Tremendouz, jmabate] 9

Alfyn, the Apothecary [Chernabogue, Capt'n Shred, Luis Vasquez, OstilMusic, EinKurogane] 8

Beneath the Crags, Orewell [RichGC, GuitarSVD] 8

S'warkii, My Quiet Forest Home [Andy-Ru, DS Music, Eli Simantel] 8

The One They Call the Witch [Danilo Ciaffi, Chromatic Apparatus, GameroftheWinds, KestrelGirl, Psamathes, RichGC] 8

The Woodlands [dante, Megan Karow, Chromatic Apparatus, Rik, Andy-Ru] 7

Clearbrook, by the Pristine Waters [Sir Telias, ViolinGamer, Chromatic Apparatus] 6

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