Puppet Pirates #100 Voting

Boocheard: "Quick! We need to get out of here before they spot us!" Gandry: "Don’t worry, Mr. Sparkle will teleport us in no time. Onward Mr. Sparkle..." Boochbeard: "WAIT FOR MEEE!!" ~ CarlaG 26

Gandry: "Look over there! It's a HOARD of UNICORNS!" Booch: "I believe they call that a PACK." ~ Alexandria Jordan 17

Boochbeard: "Finding the pot of gold is hard enough." Gandry: "But then there's also dealing with the angry green man." Boochbeard: "Angry because I swapped the gold for pyrite..." ~ Honest Abe 13

Boochbeard: "I don't know, this chest Bob gave us seems suspicious. Are we sure he & the others in the Unicorn Grove don't secretly hate us?" Gandry: "I'm sure they don't hate us, much." ~ Seth 8

Gandry: "What a magical time to be alive!" Boochbeard: "Quit monkeying around and help POINT out where we should hide this thing!" ~ FireDolphin 3

Gandry: “Look, Captain! It is a leprechaun!” Boochbeard: “Yar. Hope he isn’t after my gold.” ~ Jason Voss 0

"Look there's a purple unicorn for you over there!" ~ Humble Misty Morgan 0

After barely getting out of the magical treasure cove, Gandry looks on toward the ship, atop his newly acquired unicorn mount. ~ Chris 0

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