Puppet Pirates #98 Voting

Boochbeard: "Are we there yet?" Gandry: "Ughhh, we would be there if you didn’t get the directions from BLIND MEW!" Boochbeard: "Soooo no?" ~ Senor Spicy 44

Boochbeard: "The treasure is due South." Gandry: "But we've been going South for days." Boochbeard: "I think the map's upside down." Gandry: "So it's due North, like I said originally?" ~ Mackenzie C. 27

Boochbeard: "Hey, Mr. Gandry, know what our black boots are made of?" Gandry: "I'm afraid to ask... but what?" Boochbeard: "Carbon dyed ox hide!" Ox Mount: *sigh* ~ Alexandria Jordan 26

"That moment when you're tired of being the smart one." - Boochbeard: "Grreat, an empty map. Remind me not to ask Avery for help." Gandry: "You're holding it ba- nevermind. You're doing fine." ~ Taryn 21

Boochbeard: "Alright this map says the treasure is in Hamamitsu Skyway. Looks like we're almost there." Gandry: "But sir, we are in CoolRanch..." ~ Klaus Edmundson 12

Boochbeard: "I think we are lost.... did we make that left turn at Marleybone?" Gandry: "I knew I should have brought along the Spiral positioning system!" ~ Henry Darkfeather 11

Boochbeard: "We’re about 35 paces from Velo City." Gandry: "I can’t wait to meet the Aero Dwarfs. I bought VIP passes for both the Aero-Smiths concert & the Whirlyburly Playoffs." ~ Stubborn D. Bowman 8

Boochbeard: "Where should we go, there it is - no that's not it." Gandry: "It's gonna be a long day... sighhhh." ~ Humble Misty Morgan 7

Boochbeard: "I can't tell if we're going northeast or southwest through these plains. There are no directions on this map!" Gandry: "According to the map, we're going southwest." ~ Dark Aurora 4

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