What are your favourite tracks from "Beneath a Stolen Sky" ?[Multiple Answers Allowed]

Shinra Company [Key Jay, Yuki K & Friends] 16

Anxious Heart [Fredrik Häthén & Friends] 9

Turks' Theme [Infinity Tone, Subversiveasset] 8

Opening ~ Bombing Mission [Sir Telias] 7

Mako Reactor [Yuki K, GuitarSVD] 7

Underneath the Rotting Pizza [ImAFutureGuitarHero] 7

Those Who Fight Further [Powellman] 7

Tifa's Theme [Jorito & Friends] 6

Hurry! [Mind Waker] 6

Flowers Blooming in the Church [Clement Panchout] 6

Oppressed People [Moonbike] 6

Honeybee Inn [GuitarSVD] 6

Shinra Wages a Full Scale Attack [Pandora's Bread, J64] 6

Crazy Motorcycle [Justin Thornburgh] 6

Dear to the Heart [Earth Kid, Chromatic Apparatus] 6

Lurking in the Darkness [Hashel, TSori] 5

Infiltrating the Shinra Tower [Luis Vasquez] 5

Who Are You [Tune in with Chewie] 5

Barret's Theme [Gain Over, Dewey Newt] 4

Trail of Blood [Metatron] 4

Hollow [Ro Panuganti] 4

Let the Battles Begin! [John Paul Hayward] 3

Don Of The Slums [Maxi Göthling] 3

Victory Fanfare [Cyril the Wolf] 2

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