What are you favourite tracks on "Heroes"? [Multiple-Answers]

Theme of the Celestials (From Ōkami) 13

Forest Interlude (From Donkey Kong Country 2) 8

Jump Up, Super Star! (From Super Mario Odyssey) 7

Butter Building (From Kirby's Adventure) 6

Turtle Woods (From Crash Bandicoot 2) 6

Heart of the Mountain (From Celeste) 5

Undertale (From Undertale) 5

Opening Theme (From Mega Man 2) 4

Overworld (From The Legend of Zelda) 3

Forbidden Jungle Temple (From Jak and Daxter) 3

Windy Hill (From Sonic Lost World) 3

Spiral Mountain (From Banjo-Kazooie) 2

Main Theme (From Shovel Knight) 2

The Woods of Light (From Rayman 2) 1

Route 1 (From Pokémon Red and Blue) 1

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