What would you like the second "Tales of the Underdogs" story to be?

Jack, talking to Dad after his first suicide attempt 23

Kate, overcoming anxiety to celebrate her brother James' birthday 22

Charlie, getting excluded from mainstream after getting bullied into a meltdown 17

Simon, at an extended family dinner where his relatives pretend he's not there 15

Gracie, facing the consequences of lying to other students about being pregnant 12

Mark, and the day he confronted his abusive father 12

Oliver Roth, as a 12-year-old being accepted into Marshall-Pearce Solutions 12

Raj, in perilous danger after walking past a warning sign he couldn't read 12

Alex, disowning and abandoning his father/taekwondo coach 11

McCormick, in the days after Barbara passes away 7

Thomas, and his last Christmas with both his parents together 5

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