Puppet Pirates #80 Voting

Boochbeard: "You don't suppose this is what wizards take to get around the Spiral, do you monkey? Maybe you should go look." Gandry: "No, you may go first. I'll 'help' you through..." ~ Dark Aurora 10

"Portal... Pull my finger!" ~ Jetsers 10

Boochbeard: "The portal keeper is gone. Free transport! Looks like our young pirate unlocked Polaris. What say you Mr Gandry?" ~ Tyler Jones 6

Boochbeard: "Where do you figure this portal goes, Gandry me boy?" Gandry: "It's about to lead to some pirate booty, Captain!" ~ Davy Jones 6

Boochbeard: "Where to now Gandry?" Gandry: "Look! What world is that?!" Boochbeard: "This one?" *leans in closer* Gandry: "Have fun!" *kicks Boochbeard into portal* ~ Sly Charlie Quarrel 5

"Adventures and Mysteries await on the other side all it takes is a swift kick." ~ BraveDylan 4

Boochbeard: "Look ere Gandry, I can see the ship in this portal." Gandry: "Aye and I'm going to help it beam ye up Cap'n." ~ Fearless Darby Devereux 4

Boochbeard: "Monkey, I don't think I can do this. I can't just walk into the random portal. Who knows where it can go." Gandry: It's ok. You just need a kick in the pants." ~ Brandon 3

Boochbeard: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall - transportalate me to the ball!" Gandry: "OK" ~ Sam Underhill 3

Boochbeard: "I wonder where this will take us!" Gandry: "Let's hope it's a shocking experience!" ~ Nigel Eastwick 1

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