Tilderadio slogan?

where your passwords are stored in plain text 4

music for your brain meats 4

On the Internet, no one knows you're a weakly superhuman AGI with a really good speech synth module. 3

The soundtrack in your cat's head 2

a hacker's excuse for radio 2

it's radio minus radio 2

Like radio. Only better. 2

*heavy breathing* 2

0::1 is where the heart is 1

the radio is coming from INSIDE the house 1

Where Disney Princesses Go Slumming 1

any slogan but "eat the poop or die" 1

Your cat says she likes us better 0

radio for the people 0

radio by bots, for bots 0

We found your cat 0

now with the longest slogan in human history 0

reticulating splines 0

Hold the shift 0

a very serious place for very serious happenings 0

sorry, this extension is invalid 0

This is the radio you were looking for 0

Not The Illuminati, We Promise 0

Dont Sue Us! 0

tomasino 0wnz y0u! 0

that escalated quickly 0

003 Days Since Last Workplace Accident 0

Dizzy? We stop the world from spinning 0

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