Puppet Pirates #78 Voting 

Gandry: "I feel like this is causing a raft in our relationship." Boochbeard: "Your just mad I skiffed a little off your supplies!" ~ Jack Nightingale 12

Boochbeard: "Arr, I be needin' a bigger ship because I'm bigger 'n'ye are." Gandry: "Aye, that you are, Captain. (under his breath)...but if you'd back off on the Yum Cakes it might help a bit." ~ Sli 8

Boochbeard: "Gandry me boy! How do you like my new mount idea?" Gandry: Capitan, perhaps you should just "stick" to pirating. Davy Jones 7

Boochbeard: "Universal Studios was fun! This suvenior costed me one GALLEON." Gandry: "How long were you thinking of that one?" ~ Kane 6

Boochbeard: "What a cute little handc-RAFT you got there." ~ Tyler Jones 4

Boochbeard: “Come on Gandry, there’s more space on my galleon!” Gandry: “Don’t skiff-shame me, galleon-boy!” ~ The Blazing Top Hat 4

"Trying to escape without being noticed." ~ Sean Morris / Beau Rolland 1

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