Which policy and strategy decisions are crucial to Bernie To Become 46?(Multiple answer selection)

Create a sweeping plan for recruiting and supporting House and even Senate candidates to take control of both Houses of Congress 17

Coming out with strong and unapologetic support for structural election reform like ranked choice voting and other policies. 15

Campaigning hard in the South and in small rural states to shore up weaknesses and build on strengths respectively. 13

Put forth unique bold policies to inspire the youth and non-voters. 13

Create a detailed and uniquely strong proposal to tackle climate change. 13

Engaging in a 50 state primary strategy to maximize delegates. 12

Engage with issues groups like Sunrise Movement, Democracy Spring, and Justice Democrats. 12

Maintain a tough but fair policy on primary opponent criticism to be more mature than NeverBernie trolls. 11

Create an unprecedented online Sanders supporter organizing community. 10

Hiring a young and diverse staff to improve outreach and because we are the future. 7

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