Puppet Pirates #74 Voting

Gandry: "That's not the rifle I asked you to get for me on Christmas!" Boochbeard: "Who the blazes are ye!?" Krampus: "I'm your Christmas present! And past nightmares you naughty lubbers." ~ Smart L. 42

Boochbeard: "Ah! We're put on da naughty list! Quick! Grab da loot n' get outta here!" ~ Red Christina Fisher 15

Gandry: "Close the curtain! Close the curtain!" ~ Iridian Jones 11

Krampus: "I'll get you my pretty, and your bag of tricks too!" Boochbeard: "Not on my watch you fiend, Yar!" Gandry: "Run away, Rudolf! Run away!" ~ Vickie C. 8

Gandry: "If you like it, should have put your hook on it!" ~ Jack Nightingale 6

Boochbeard: "We can take em!" Gandry: "I'm too old for this!" ~ Nathan R. 2

84 Votes