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Polar for winning the first 'Coming Second in a One Horse Race': World 100 to Realm 2nd. 27

Emnity coming to most raids hungover and dead 11

Zegana and blazings dunking without an add 8

Ryuk's random mumbling of Vectis Add spawning 7

Bergerbrush's twitch breakdown on 21st of October 4

Elegant meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia to miss a raid 3

Derlon 'I quit on the spot' 3

Tsta's 'criticism' of Ghuun gateway 3

Zivss going to the wrong marker on Vectis all night and wipe at 0.4% 3

James's extreme rage on Vectis destroying lives 3

Erliza feared on kill 2

Mitch going on holiday and trying to nail a solid 4/10 2

Nuwn demanding a raid spot as warrior then banging a nun instead of raiding 2

MOTHER bugged beams 2

Dumb and Dumber on Mythrax unable to grip on Mythrax 2

Astramoon 'Why don't we scream on kill I am leaving' 1

Derlon's raidleading on Fetid 1

Mitch's Zul kiting 1

Zekvoz first orb and noone soaking 1

James's extreme Zek'voz rage destroying lives 1

Tigersgora gripping an add and knocking the raid off TALOC 0

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