What are your favourite songs on "Dig It!" our shovel Knight Tribute album? [Multiple Answers]

Waltz of the Troupple King (Materia Brasilis & Eder Bastos) 6

In the Halls of the Usurper (Flake & Friends) 5

Strike the Earth! (MaesterTed & Flake) 5

Waltz for One (Dewey Newt & Friends) 4

Facing the Task (Alek Fleischer & Ro Panuganti) 2

Main Theme (Infinity Tone) 2

The Defender (Justin Thornburgh) 2

La Danse Macabre (Lucas Guimaraes & Friends) 1

Watch Me Dance! (ThePopStarDude & Friends) 1

Fighting with All of Our Might (Dinnick the 3rd & Galeborne) 1

The Requiem of Shield Knight (Metatron) 0

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