What are your favourite tracks from our SoM Album: Whispers from a Verdant Grove? [multiple-answers]

Spirit of the Night [Mairiba, Psamathes] 8

Fear of the Heavens [Hashel] 6

A Wish [Mind Walker, Piano Game Knight, GamerOfTheWinds] 6

Into the Thick of It [TonalRumblePak, David Erick Ramos] 5

The Colour of the Summer Sky [Kain White, GamerOfTheWinds] 5

I Won't Forget [Tremendouz, GamerOfTheWinds] 5

Distant Thunder [Metatron, GamerOfTheWinds] 4

A Curious Happening [Flake, Sladjkf, Cyril The Wolf, Agus Rios] 4

The Dark Star [Lucas Guimaraes, ImAFutureGuitarHero, Stemage] 4

Meridian Dance [Ian Martyn] 4

Phantom and... A Rose... [Careless, Juja, Brandon Strader, GamerOfTheWinds] 3

In the Dead of Night [Justin Thornburgh] 2

Flight into the Unknown [ModalModule] 2

What the Forest Taught Me [MaesterTed] 1

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