What feature should we work on next?

The New UI (See Blog Post) 153

Fully Dynamic folders (Allowing Flat file Structure, /Movies/Genre/Die Hard, etc.) 119

Custom Qualities (See https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/issues/2433 and PDF posted there) 112

Handling Extra Data (e.g. importing subs, .nfo, etc.) 99

Radarr API V3 (Displays collection & persons in Search, Allows to follow persons & collection, allows a lot more filtering) 83

Overhaul the Bulk Import feature (Depends on API v3): Make it much faster, allow working in the background, etc. 73

Bulk Movie Refresh (Part of API v3, instead of asking tmdb for info's on every movie seperately, ask our api what's changed for all movies at once) 59

Multiple versions of files (Probably a lot less useful without Custom Qualities) 55

Just fix my goddamn bugs already 51

Creating Extra Data (.nfo for Kodi, etc.) 37

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