Who are the five characters you'd most like to see more of?

Jormungandr, Leech On Society 13

Li Xue Zi, Snake Of Indeterminate Gender 12

Betty, Cat 11

Horace, Human 8

Ku-Kaili-Moku-Plemo, World's Skimpiest Dressed Head of State 8

Grandmother Spider, Stalking Horse 8

Ford-bee, Kickass Car 5

Markov Lorickson, Former Billionaire, Family Man 4

Walter, Dextrocardiac 3

The Atlantean Race, I know it's not a character, I'm just curious 3

Ammit, Spirit of Justice/Indiscriminate Hunger/Blunt Metaphors 3

Daryl Pertwee, Luckiest Layabout Ever 2

Yam Hamawet, Dead Ocean 1

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