What are you MOST interested in spending in-game coins on? (You can do multiple answers)

Country Club - Access to bulk prices and rare items for inexpensive 17

Vanity Items - Rare mounts, particle effects, hats, pets, disguises, and nicknames 14

Access to special quests - Rewards include in-game rewards and trophies 14

Township - Warp in the Train Station, Parade, & Town Crate 13

Business License - Able to open multiple businesses anywhere and buy/sell plots 11

Monthly Lottery - High risk, high reward monthly lottery 11

Access to a special harvesting world that isn't Bloodlands 9

More Decorative Heads - I want more at spawn! 8

Nation Building - Create a nation with a cluster of townships and recruit citizens 6

Access to special contests 6

I would rather stockpile all my money 6

I think you should restrict NPC villager farming instead of create more purchase incentives 5

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