What characters would you like to see more of?

Bella, New Sister of ... Well, we can figure that out later. 17

Ariel, Recovering Spirit of Air 15

Baron Samedi, Cheerful God of Death 12

Jack and Jill, Former Deicidal Maniacs 11

Odysseus, Tricky Dick 11

Michael, Archangel 9

Medusa, Tragic Figure 8

Sun Wukong, Handsome Monkey King 6

Markov Lorickson, Billionaire Family Man 5

Fetu Miller, Military Cyborg 5

Ishtar, Formerly Lost Goddess, 5

Achilles, Invulnerable Warrior/Crybaby 4

Cu Chulainn, Irish Nutjob 4

Mara, Illusion of Desire 4

Papa Legba, God of the Crossroads 3

Prester John, Disgraced King 2

Marinette, Goddess of Fucking Nuts 2

Tezcatlipoca, Goddess of Everyone's War 1

Ogoun, Forceful God 0

Erzulie, Goddess of Pink Champagne 0

Huitzilopochtli, Goddess of Our War 0

Xipe Totec, Goddess of Flayings and Fertility, For Some Reason 0

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