Who should i write to get back in the grove?

Dark Meta-Knight (Kirby) - Theme: Stronger, less combo heavy meta-knight. 4

Soma Cruz (Castlevania) - Theme: Variety of weapons and soul powers for utility. 3

Min Min (ARMS) - Theme: Long Range Melee with special weapons. 3

Remake Doomguy (Doom) - Theme: Powerhouse with some new moves from the latest game. 3

Taokaka (Blazblue) - Theme: Triple Jump, speed, and combos. 2

Dark Matter Swordsmen (Kirby) - Theme: Floaty but powerful air sword fighter. 2

Steven & Connie (Steven Universe) - Theme: Sword & Shield Dual Chars in one. 1

Gokudera (Hitman Reborn) - Theme: Dynamite and lasers made from willpower. 0

Sami (Advance Wars) - Theme: Infantry weaponry and close combat. 0

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