Which Morrowind mod was the best mod of December 2016?

Tamriel Rebuilt Guilds Unified By Rotat 7

The Wabbajack By Team Wretched Netch 6

An Issue of Thrust By Team Cutie Kagouti 3

Rattle-Teeth Manor By Team Green Cow 2

Wearable Lich Robe By Melchior Dahrk 2

MMM - Faction Living Quarters By Team Wretched Netch 1

Suvanto's Wondrous Shop of Curious Creations By Team Green Cow 1

Andrano Ancestral Tomb Remastered By Team Wretched Netch 1

Legacy of Odiil By Team Flying Guars 1

History of Shakri-Esh By ARHIZ 1

More Dunmers aka Morrowind Belongs to the Dunmers By Vojteek 1

Better Leveling By DrEggman669 1

Caius's Home Upgrade By Prosletter 1

Balmora Expansion Improved By DeinClickerMan 1

Sneak Tools for Morrowind (OpenMW) By Metalpoetza 1

Dissapla Mine Improved By Jsp25 1

Mr. Mudhut's Shurreal Eshtate By Team Cutie Kagouti 0

Nil-Ruhn By Team Flying Guars 0

Malham Companion Weapon By Team Flying Guars 0

Dreams of the Drunken Mudcrab By Team Green Cow 0

The Forgotten Legend - A Helm of Tohan Overhaul By Team Cutie Kagouti 0

Former Hlaalu Outpost - West Gash Region By VvardenfellTribez 0

Snowing in Morrowind - A Christmas Mod By TheDrunkenMudcrab 0

Balmora Huette By Rykr0s 0

Home in Balmora - Upgradeable By Roxas31 0

Player Character Voice - Complete - OpenMW By Kingwulf 0

Darkness Be Gone (DBG) By ShackledRavxn 0

Less Annoying Cliffracers By RedRaptors 0

Ship Masters of Solstheim By Randomoninternetperson 0

Passive Healthy Wildlife By Wildespace 0

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