Do you play TANKS?  what is the local scene / meta like?  (multi)

there is a small group that plays 23

dead game 21

this game is overly simple 12

this game plays great when it's chaotic off the wall, crazy stuff. 6

we discovered that big heavy tanks are just plain better 5

the game's movement rules could use work 5

the games cards could use better balance 5

we discovered the bigger the attack rating, the better. 4

the game's attack/defense rules could use work 4

it's a great game with lots of players 2

we discovered that the right upgrades and named characters will beat everything 2

we discovered fast tanks are the best 2

the game is unplayable shit 2

we discovered horde lists are the way to go 1

this game is best played historically, to the letter 1

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